The Moving Pictures - EMDR PTS 1, 2 + 3 LP


Two lovers entwined in grief, having a party.

It's a cool party,

There's streamers there

Michel Gaubert is there

Hate rock minimalism In a loving gaze

“I’m always teetering on the edge”

No drug metaphors

No call backs

Frankie has been so depressed

William Eggleston sends you a birthday card

Its 2016 all your idols are dead.

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This one is 9 tracks 33rpm
A1. "Face Back"
A2. "Family Story"
A3. "Family Story Reprise"
A4. "Song 81"
A5. "Everything for Baby"
B1. "Body Tiger"
B2. "Black Car"
B3. "Genet's Rose"
B4. "Do No Wrong"

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